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Printed Napkins

These napkins which can be produced at specific amount of quantity and a logo and address on them are aimed for presentation. According to the order they can be manufactured from economical to luxurious as one, two or three layered. Besides, the napkins can be produced as coloured paper. The manufacturing process starts after the declaration of the created logo and its place on the napkin. Delivery is completed in a 10 -15 day period.

Patterned Napkins

These types of napkins made with illustrations for special days ( New Year, Mother’s Day, St. Valentines etc. ) , various designs, pictures purposed for advertisement, cartoon characters are made for mass productions. According to the demand the patterns not included in our concept are also produced offering a vast variation of napkins at specific number.

Coloured Napkins

These are kinds of napkins that are made of coloured in origin paper. You can ask for information for the variety of colours.

Industrial Cleaning Paper Towels

These are products that are especially for non-house consumption use. Photocelled towels, dispensering napkins, Jumbo towels and toilet papers are the head of our products.

Airlaid Napkins

These napkins are also known as fabric weaved napkins. The printing is done with the logo of the company or different patterns. The manufacturing can be done according to the demand. Call us for details, please.

Mask (Medical Face Masks)

We carry a large variety of face mask products. These should be worn both by healthcare workers and patients when necessary. When wearing our products properly, they will guard against large splashes, droplets or sprays from entering the nasal and oral regions Dye free non–woven inner layer provides additional protection Especially useful for laser procedures that generate harmful airborne particles Soft and strong, ample-length earloops so there is less pulling, and adjustable nosepiece for comfortable fit Latex-Free